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The story of the port: Yantian Port

Published by December 18,2019

Yantian Port is one of the most advanced container terminals in the world, and it is also a single port area with the largest container throughput in the country.



In October 1993, Shenzhen Yantian Port Group Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Hutchison Whampoa Yantian Port Investment Co., Ltd. established Yantian International as a joint venture, invested 6 billion yuan to develop and operate the Yantian Port Phase I and II container terminals, and then expanded them. The port area has now built 20 large-scale deep-water wharfs with a storage area of ​​373 hectares. It has worked closely with nearly 40 large shipping companies around the world, and nearly 100 routes have arrived at major ports in the world every week. Yantian Port is a natural deep-water port and an important gateway for China's import and export trade. It is a single port area with the largest container throughput in the country. It is also a single container terminal with the highest density of ocean container liners in mainland China. It is the largest and most advanced container terminal in the world. One, it plays a pivotal role in the regional economy and the global foreign trade transport network.



In the early 1980s, Yantian, a remote, desolate, quiet and closed small fishing village on the shore of Dapeng Bay, quietly awakened from the spring tide of China's reform and opening up. The Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government reviewed the situation and decided to build a world port here. Riding the east wind of reform and opening up, a fire came from the shore of Dapeng Bay, which opened the prelude to the construction of a world-class port on the deserted beach.



Yantian Port



In 1985, the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government approved the establishment of "Shenzhen Dongpeng Industrial Co., Ltd." (the predecessor of Shenzhen Yantian Port Group Co., Ltd.), which was responsible for unified planning, unified construction, unified operation, and unified management of Yantian Port and the rear land area. With the deepening of reform, the Pearl River Delta region, with its unique geographical advantages adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau, has created a good market environment for the growth of Yantian Port and brought rare development opportunities.



On July 20, 1994, the Yantian Port area rang a loud whistle. The container ship "Maersk Alki Silas", known as the "King of the World," made its first voyage to Yantian Port area, and became a greet after Yantian Port opened. The first ship was also the first international route opened in Yantian Port. At the same time, international shipping leader Maersk also became a shareholder of Yantian Port Terminal. On November 21, 1998, "Konald Maersk" carrying 6,000 TEUs made its maiden voyage to Yantian Port, becoming the largest container ship docked at a port in Mainland China at that time; on June 5, 1999, "Susan Maersk" carried 6,600 TEUs docked in Yantian Port Area, which is the world's largest container ship calling at a port in Mainland China for the first time, thus confirming the world-class level of operation of Yantian Port.



2004 was an important turning point in the development of Yantian Port Group. That year, the State Council approved the construction of a 0.96 square-kilometer zone in Yantian Port. The "region-port linkage" taxation, customs policy advantages, the nation's first shipping network and terminal operation efficiency all greatly promoted the Yantian Port Logistics Park to become a global procurement and distribution center and a container distribution center for transhipment cargo in South China.



At present, Yantian Port has become one of the ports with the largest number of ocean liners and the most complete services in mainland China. In 2017, the container throughput of Yantian Port Group's local ports exceeded 14 million TEUs for the first time, exceeding 10 million TEUs for 10 consecutive years, with total assets of 27.4 billion yuan, profits exceeding 1 billion yuan for 13 consecutive years, and the state-owned asset preservation and appreciation rate reached 104% , A large enterprise group focusing on port construction investment and operation, integrated logistics and port supporting services is gradually taking shape.



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